I was watching cooking channel,  shocker right? Anyway I kept noticing a couple shows commenting on french fries.  Now I’m a big fan of the classics, I think the best way to judge a chef is see how the elevate simple foods. But potato wedges fried in duck fat…wow. I almost want to start eating meat.  

For those of you who don’t speak foodie, let me break it down. Think of the oil from duck confit. ( Duck is cured with salt, herbs and spices for about 36 hours; then it’s washed and dried and placed in a deep pan filled [enough to submerge the duck] with oil. From there it cooks for at least an hour at a very low heat.  ) But that’s the last step. First the potatoes are frenched (cut in to strips you moron), and soaked in vinegar for 30 mins. Then they’re patted dry and fried once in regular oil, till they’re only half cooked. Then just before you are ready to devour them the half cooked fries are tossed into the pan of confit and fried again at a lower temperature. Basically what you get is really fluffy mashed potatoes on the inside and crispy salt crunch on the outside.

Now obviously those fries featured are rather french in origin, since the french are the ones that confit things like duck and pork. But when it came to the feature on proper chips from the UK…well lets just say it was an epic fail and though they made an effort at it, by putting it next to cod; I don’t understand how they could have over looked the fact that PROPER CHIPS are meant to be eaten with vinegar.

So as a result I decided to try my hand at making crisps (English to English translation: chips are fries, crisps are chips. got it?). And they turned out horribly burnt, so I tried again and the result is what you see below.

Ya okay I admit it , they’re baked with barely any oil, (some coarse sea salt and obviously a little vinegar)…but they still taste good I promise. Deep frying is delicious but when you don’t have a proper deep frier chances of you being burned are way higher.

Its the same thing I do when I make french fries at home cut the potatoes in to thin slices for crisps or wedges for chips. Drizzle oil and sprinkle seasoning on baking sheet, lay out potatoes, more oil and seasoning on top. And then bake for  10 mins if you have a toaster oven. The crisps YOU HAVE TO WATCH like a hawk, and I’d keep em at 325. But the chips you can do at 375.

In case you’re wondering duck fat fries aren’t cheap or easy to make so it’s not likely you’ll see them that often unless you’re at a gastropub, or a high end burger joint but I’ve got a feeling Umami and Father’s Office might be featuring them soon.

Chips… Proper & Otherwise