Keeeeee Wiiiiiiiii! Wouldn’t that be such an adorable pet name ? It almost makes me want to go out and get a pet turtle just so I can call him Kiwi. Ok I lie I’ve always kind of wanted a turtle as a pet, but I have tactile issues with amphibious creatures among other things.

I digress, let’s refocus upon the fruit. New Zealand Kiwi’s, to be exact, are my new obsession in fresh produce.

They are available in green and yellow. But see how the flesh is lighter than normal? That’s not just because I’m using a dinky mobile phone with a 3.2 mp camera. I’m pretty sure that’s how they are. Now why are they amazing you ask? Well firstly they’re sweeter than the average kiwi, but not just sugary sweet. They taste like a kiwi strawberry hybrid, it’s two fruits for the price of one!

I think what I’m getting at here is that Kiwis are under rated, and that on a hot day, taken straight from the fridge, they’re a very refreshing snack!

OK so what ? It’s just fruit right? WRONG!  I’m of the whole your body is a temple school of thought. I’m also a lacto vegetarian , but I promise I ♥LOVE ♥ food.  I just think we should apply the Coco Chanel Theory to our food, especially in today’s market which is filled with over processed foods.

And by that I mean simple yet delicious , uncomplicated food. It should make you feel good (cause lord knows we’re all guilty of eating our feelings every once in a while), but it should also be relatively good for you.  Delicate flavor profile’s that flow along your taste buds like waves, rather than overwhelm you with the salt content of a tsunami.

Mkay that’s all I got on the Kooky Kiwi’s.