I have a blog!

I’d say “Hi” to everyone but let be realistic here, your Mum probably has more followers than I do at this point… Regardless I now have a blog! (Yay!)  Although, I’m still a little confused as to how all of the functions work, so don’t expect any spectacular displays just yet. But if you have some tips or tricks you’d like to pass along there should be a comments section somewhere down below, or off to the side. Feel free to also ask questions too , but  in the interest of full disclosure I can’t promise I’ll answer them, nor can I promise that I won’t mock you for asking them.

Consequently I’m also attempting to use twitter as well @dini_says but more on that later.  Right about here is where a normal person would attempt to describe what they’re blog is going to be about…I’m not going to do that. Firstly because I’m not normal and I’d like to be fair and give you guys a head’s up straight from the get go about that, I make no apologies for doing things my own way.  Secondly, because I’d honestly rather not limit myself.

What I can say is that a lot of social media today is being used as an outlet for mellow dramatic angst, and it drives me bonkers! That’s not to say that I’m little Miss Sunshine, but let’s face it for most of us life isn’t that bad, and it would be a lot better if we got some self-esteem, focused on what we do well and what we need to do to make our situations better.

So you probably will see cynical and acerbic commentary on random things I see happening in the world. BUT for the most part this blog will probably be a collection of things I’m passionate about.  And my hope is that those little things during the day will make your life just the slightest bit easier, (notice how I set you expectations rather low? that’s in an effort to keep from disappointing you in the long run…just saying) maybe it’ll make you laugh, or smile, or maybe it’ll just be a conversation point for you when you get tired of surfing the web, and decide you want to interact with the people around you again.

That’s all for now , but you can expect a post on kiwi’s in a bit.


Let me know what you think...

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